Our shipping day is every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have special request please contact us to arrange a time that works for you.

We use corrugated cardboard boxes with thick foam insulation to ship your fish. We also double bag your fish to prevent water from leaking.

​We will decide whether to use ice/heat packs based on the weather of the destination.

​​We ship using UPS/FedEx and USPS at the moment and our cost is $50 flat rate

​We ONLY ship in the US for as right now but we will expand to Mexico, Canada, and US territories.

​We won’t hold any fish as of first come first serve.


Our facility will ensure you receive your fish alive and healthy since we are experts at handling our fish with extra care.

Although we understand fish can incur a lot of stress while shipping some may not make it alive to your door steps. If this occurs, we recommend taking a clear picture or video while still in the bag and notify us within ONE hour of receiving the shipment and we will take full responsibility and give you instant credit .

Once the fish are introduced to your water, we will not take any responsibility since we have no control of your water quality/condition.

We always try our best to satisfy our client with the fish they purchase.

Online you will find a lot of videos on how to keep your water clean for your fish so please do your research before purchasing the fish of your choice.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions and advice about your fish. For your own convenience, use our phone number, email, or social media.


We do not accept returns of live fish.

In case of DOA we will refund the full value of the fish only, the shipping cost is nonrefundable.

The size and the sex of the fish will based on our educated guess and it is not 100%.